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Lawn Care Services For No-Stress Yards In Bridgewater

Looking for quality lawn care services in the Bridgewater area? You're in luck! Razor Sharp Lawn Care offers the best services in lawn care for Bridgewater residents.

Lawn fertilization


Your lawn may need fertilizing at one point or another to help stimulate growth and better health. Razor Sharp Lawn Care offers this as one of our many lawn care services. We can fertilize your lawn as needed to help refresh the surface.

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Weed control

Weed Control

Weeds that grow out of control can cause problems for the plants you have on your property. Not to mention how unruly your home looks with the weeds growing here and there. Our business can offer weed control services to help you rid yourself of weeds.

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Lawn maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Lawns can be tough to maintain all on your own. Let Razor Sharp Lawn Care help you with all of your lawn maintenance needs, such as edge trimming and mowing.

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Mosquito control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are a nuisance to deal with, especially in the summer. Razor Sharp Lawn Care helps you control and eliminate these pests in an efficient and timely manner. Say goodbye to itchy patches and the buzzing in your ear.

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Tick control

Tick Control

Tick control is all about making sure that your property is free of ticks and their dangers. This will help prevent you and your family from contracting dangerous illnesses such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

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Lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

A classic among lawn care services is lawn mowing. This service speaks for itself, helping you maintain the height of your lawn and keeping a uniform and attractive look for your home.

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Aeration overseeding

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration & overseeding is one of those lawn care services that have a double feature. Aeration helps give the roots of your grass the necessary air, water, and nutrients it needs to thrive. Overseeding helps your lawn grow thicker and healthier grass in the thinning areas.

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Leaf cleanup removal

Leaf Clean-Up & Removal

The fall season means lots of leaves to deal with. These leaves can leave stains on your walking surfaces and even cause a slip hazard. We help remove and clean up those leaves to help make your property look attractive as well as safe for regular traffic.

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Lawn dethatching

Lawn De-Thatching

Lawn de-thatching removes the excess layers of debris, dead grass, and other matter that can be found in between your lawn's blades of grass and the soil's surface. This helps give your lawn the nutrients and air it needs to thrive.

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Snow ice management

Snow & Ice Management

While this isn't a part of traditional lawn care services, snow & ice management helps keep your property and walkways neat and safe. We remove the snow and ice that impedes your daily life during the winter, creating a safe environment for all.

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