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What You Can Do For Your Lawn In The Winter

What you can do for your lawn in the winter

Even though wintertime is here, that doesn't mean that the lawn to-do list can be hung up until springtime. In fact, there are lots of things you can do to and for your lawn that will help you speed things up in the springtime. So let's explore the different things you can do to help your future self and lawn.

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Mulching Fallen/Dead Leaves

Before the snow falls and the leaves have been blown away, mulch the leaves to your advantage. The process of mulching your leaves will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow strong in the spring and survive the winter. Mulching allows the leaves to decompose easier, and it keeps the leaves from smothering your lawn.

Get Weeds Under Control

Harsh cold weather tends to kill plants that aren't ready for the transition. Sometimes, though, winter doesn't take care of those pesky weeds. In this case, we find that winter is the ideal time to do some weed control.

You can choose your weed killing technique of choice to help prevent the future growth of weeds when spring arrives.

Watering & Fertilizing

Watering your lawn during the winter may seem like a dumb idea, but it will largely depend on your area and the overall climate of the time. In early and late winter will be the ideal times to water if you want to.

Fertilizing the lawn, particularly in the late winter, will give your lawn the full range of nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy in the spring.

Tend To Your Tools & Equipment

Since winter means less mowing, it's a good time to tend to your mower. This means sharpening the blades, changing the oil, and whatever other maintenance tasks. This can also be the time to tend to your other landscaping tools, such as weed whackers, edging tools, and such. Having these tools prepared and cared for will make your transition to spring faster and easier.

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